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We put people at the heart of conservation – Mohotani 2019 team

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Case Studies

SAVE Brasil: from a site-based project to a strategic national organisation

Haroldo Palo Jr

Nature Mauritania: Protecting Mauritania’s biodiversity and its local economy

Lars Soerink

Jaime Garcia Moreno

Spring Alive: inspiring young people with a passion for nature

Ghana Wildlife Society


Conservation Leadership Programme: nurturing tomorrow’s innovators

Prasen Yadav

Christina Imrich

Sanjitpaal Singh

KENVO: empowering local communities to protect their forest for decades to come

Providence  Akayezu

Guinean Forests of West Africa – protecting a Biodiversity Hotspot from the ground up

Mahdi Abdelly

Eastern Afromontane Hotspot – investing in people to build lasting change

Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society of Zambia (WECSZ)

Forest of Hope Association (FHA), Rwanda

Fabian Haas, Pixels on Screen


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